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Claro Walnut Cantilevered Desks

Claro Walnut Cantilevered Desks



"The Stock Farm" Cherry Crotch Desk

"The Stock Farm" Cherry Crotch Desk



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Spalted Maple



Artistic, unique, rustic, contemporary and traditional designs made in Montana.

Custom Furniture, Rustic Furniture

Worldwide shipping available-MANY CUSTOM TABLES AND CUSTOM DESKS ON SALE-Custom Furniture-Rustic Custom Nakashima style slab dining tables, custom conference tables from LARGE SLABS up to 60" wide x 20 feet long....  using solar power  and recyled  woods.... Check out this SLIDE SHOW. See our slab tables in the Manhattan, New York, NYC showroom.

Featured Table


4'x20'x6" thick Redwood Slab Custom Conference Table
Huge, wide, long, enormous, gigantic, one of a kind, 20 foot salvaged Redwood single slab
Boardroom Conference Table with custom stainless steel base
.Approximate size 20' L x 4' W x 6" Th.

8' Custom Walnut Crotch Slab Table with Acrylic Base
Figured Walnut Crotch slab Custom Dining Table with 2" thick acrylic base
Approximate Size 8' L x 31 / 38" W x 30" H x 2" Th.


5 Ft Round Custom Walnut Slab TablePaul Dumond - The Artisan's Craft: The Fine Art of Woodworking
Museum of the Rockies Exhibit - Bozeman, MT

Diane Paparo Studio


custom conference table-7' american black walnut slab tableBrowse the New York Show Room
American black walnut slab custom conference table in the  Manhattan, New York Show Room. This custom conference table features a natural edge and organic shape.  All of our custom conference tables are unusual and unique, one of a kind pieces of functional art.  You can call to make an appointment to see our custom conference tables in the Manhattan showroom...212-203-8390.  The sales staff has a large selection of slab table top photos to choose from.  Diane is the main interior designer for DPA that can help you make the right choice  in slab tops and table designs for your residence or business.  She is very talented and has been working in the custom furniture industry for years.  A large custom slab  dining table would make a great addition to your home or corporate office.  Call 212-2-3-8390 to schedule a time to look at and touch these beautiful pieces of  functional art.  Order a custom slab dining table today.  We ship our custom furniture worldwide.
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Rustic Burled Maple slab top with Salvaged, recycled Steel Base , Ebony butterflies, and 3" thick slab top with natural edges.  Now Available!.....see this in the manhattan showroom. this would make a unique conference table for your business or an impressive custom dining table for your home.

custom conference table-10' Custom Burled Maple Slab Table with Salvaged Steel Base , Ebony butterflies
This custom rustic 10 foot dining table/conference table with organic shaped slab top is supported by two salvaged steel i-beams. The 3" thick live edged maple slab top has two inlaid ebony butterflies.This unique and unusual slab table was constructed using solar power and recycled woods....We have many custom slab dining tables in stock.  We can also custom build a custom dining table to your specifications.  We have WIDE, LONG SLABS up to 6' wide and 18.5' long.  We can send you photos of a wide variety of slabs to choose us today at 406-777-3772 to talk about a custom dining table made especially for you.  Many items on sale today.  Call for sale pricing on our custom furniture.
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Below is the "Paparo" 6 foot square custom walnut slab dining table that now lives in today for custom dining tables, custom slab tables and custom confrence tables on sale now-custom furniture !!!!!!!!

custom dining table-Paparo 6 foot square custom slab dining table
Penthouse Walnut Slab Dining Table
ON SALE NOW-Custom Furniture......Custom dining tables and custom conference tables-Unusual, Unique, Handmade, Custom, Rustic and Artistic. That's how I would describe the custom organic shaped dining tables and custom conference tables designed and hand crafted by Dumond's Custom Furniture Inc. If you are looking for something to give the room in your home or office that special appeal, this may be the answer. We can design something that will work with your unique needs and tastes in mind. Call us today to discuss your home or office building project. Our custom dining tables and custom conference tables will make people take notice of your amazing taste for natural wood custom furniture. read more...

The "Dunton" 9 foot slab custom Dining Table now lives in Utah. we can build a custom confernce table/custom dining  table similar to this for your corporate boardroom or your home dining room.  order yours today......many of our custom tables are on sale now..... call for pricing!!!!.

Custom dining table-The "Dunton" 9 Foot Custom Dining Table-walnut slab
Custom Slab Walnut  Dining Table/Conference Table-The "Dunton" - 9' x 40" wide Black Walnut Crotch Slab Custom Dining Table/ Confernce Table with solid walnut slab ends. Unique, unusual, one of a kind dining tables and conference tables are made to order in Montana and shipped world wide.  This unique walnut slab dining table/ conference table has a mostly straight edge on the two long sides of the table.  The large, wide walnut slabs were beautiful crotch figured boards that  were made into this amazing table. This one sold but we have another almost 12' x 48" table with the same beautiful grain waiting for a spot in your home or office.  Call us today to inquire about sale tables.

The "Welch 2" Custom Walnut Dining Table/conference table  made with 2 large bookmatched slabs of Pennsylvania walnut.  We can build you a custom dining table or boardroom table that will stand out from other custom tables.  Many tables are on sale today for pricing on sale tables.

Walnut custom dining table-The "Welch 2" Custom Walnut Dining Table-walnut crotch slab
The "Welch 2" Custom Walnut Slab Dining Table. Approximately 9' long x 46"/65" wide. Walnut slab custom dining tables handmade in Montana....Many of our  custom tables have unique and unusual organic shapes with natural edges.  I saw photos of these beautifully shaped walnut slabs and knew  I had to have them to build this one of a kind walnut  slab table.  This custom walnut slab table now lives outside of Dallas, TX.  I have one more top that is almost identical to this one that is out of the same tree.  Call today to inquire about a unique, unusual, one of a kind custom table.   Shipped Everywhere!!!! Order one today.....Call also to inquire about our custom dining tables and custom conference tables that are on sale now.


Why buy from us?

Our fine custom dining tables and custom desks are home in a country setting or a penthouse apartment in an urban environment. Your home deserves a slab desk that nature formed over years gone by. Why not order one of our unique desks today?

 Each custom dining table and custom desk is a one of a kind using hand selected lumber from around the country.  Our custom woodwork uses wide, exotic, figured, curly, burly, one-of-a-kind slabs of cherry, walnut, and maple.  We specialize in an array of fine custom and rustic furniture. Recycled woods, reclaimed wood and green sustainable woods are used whenever possible. Our custom desks are made from solar power in an off grid shop which adds to the unusual and unique nature of our custom furniture and desks. This desk could be the focal point of your home or office.

Our fine custom furniture and custom woodwork is made in Corvallis, Montana.  It is inspired by the works of George Nakashima and Isamu Noguchi.   If handmade custom furniture inspires you, why not order a truly unique piece from Dumond's.  We are just a beautiful drive from Missoula, Aspen, Sun Valley, Vail, Telluride, Big Sky, Park City or Jackson Hole.  Why not make an appointment today to come and visit us? The West is a beautiful drive. Call 406.777.3772.
We also make a large variety of one of a kind rustic dining tables and unusual conference tables.  Proudly and lovingly made in Montana and shipped world wide.

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